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This website is designed to provide the public with general information about military schools for girls. Our goal is to cover all types of military schools including boarding schools, prep schools, and military high schools. Any parent with a troubled teenage girl can benefit from the information on boot camps, wilderness programs, or therapeutic boarding schools.  Learn how college prep or summer schools can help any girl prepare for college or a military career.

Military Discipline for Girls
Military discipline for girls is a good way for girls to excel in their studies and helps troubled teen girls learn to control their behavior. Military discipline teaches physical and mental self control, helping girls grow and develop properly.
Behavior Modification Programs
Behavior modification programs are good opportunities for young men and women to get access to a program that will help get their life back on track. The teen years are full of many temptations and struggles for teens. Behavior modification programs are a chance for teens to learn how to grow as a successful young adult.
International Military Schools
International military schools might be options to consider when looking at a military school for your teen. There are many reasons to consider international military schools, but there are many factors to remember when making this decision for your teen.