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This website is designed to provide the public with general information about military schools for girls. Our goal is to cover all types of military schools including boarding schools, prep schools, and military high schools. Any parent with a troubled teenage girl can benefit from the information on boot camps, wilderness programs, or therapeutic boarding schools.  Learn how college prep or summer schools can help any girl prepare for college or a military career.

Reasons to Choose Girls Schools

Reasons to choose girls schools vary depending on circumstances. The pros and cons of attending an all girls (or boys) school are often debated. Learn about the advantages girls have when choosing to attend an all girls school or military school.

College Prep Schools
College Prep, or College Preparatory, schools are designed to help prepare students to attend the top colleges and universities. Learn what college prep schools have to offer girls as an alternative to boarding schools and optional military prep schools.
Choosing a Girls' Military School
When choosing a girls' military school there are a number of things to consider. This article offers many questions you may want to ask prior to choosing a military school for your daughter. Keep reading for many options military schools for girls have to offer.