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This website is designed to provide the public with general information about military schools for girls. Our goal is to cover all types of military schools including boarding schools, prep schools, and military high schools. Any parent with a troubled teenage girl can benefit from the information on boot camps, wilderness programs, or therapeutic boarding schools.  Learn how college prep or summer schools can help any girl prepare for college or a military career.

Applying to Military School
Applying to military school is different than public school, but is similar to applying to some private schools. Get tips on applying to military school, seeking out a good military school, and things you should know prior to applying to military school.
ADHD ADD Boarding Schools
ADHD ADD boarding schools might be a great option for you to consider for your child if they have been diagnosed with either or both of these behavioral problems. ADHD ADD boarding schools are schools that specialize in teaching kids with these kinds of problems to help them succeed in school and life.
Military Prep Schools for Girls
Military prep schools for girls are good opportunities for teen girls to attend high school and receive a great education while preparing for college or post-secondary education as well as getting the chance to learn leadership skills and the value of teamwork.