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This website is designed to provide the public with general information about military schools for girls. Our goal is to cover all types of military schools including boarding schools, prep schools, and military high schools. Any parent with a troubled teenage girl can benefit from the information on boot camps, wilderness programs, or therapeutic boarding schools.  Learn how college prep or summer schools can help any girl prepare for college or a military career.

5 Military School Myths
5 military school myths. Thanks to military style behavior modification boot camps and Hollywood embellishments, many people don't realize that military schools are actually challenging academic programs for teens interested in achievement and success.
Therapeutic Boarding Schools
Therapeutic boarding schools may be a good alternative to military schools, for girls who are in need of treatment for emotional and behavioral issues. Therapeutic boarding schools are designed to provide an education while also treating struggling teens.
Elementary Military Schools
Elementary military school can help your child build a solid educational and societal foundation early on. This Elementary Military School article contains information on the advantages of military school and how to choose an elementary military school.