Military Summer School

Military summer school options are discussed here. Learn about the types of military summer school programs offered by Service Academies, programs to help gain entrance to a Service Academy, and summer programs offered by military prep schools.

Regular “Military Summer School”

When most people mention summer school, they are referring to an academic program offered in the summer. Such a program may prepare students for a new school in the fall but acquainting them with the schools programs, approaches, and guidelines, remediate areas in which a student is struggling, or allow a student to do extra coursework for a variety of purposes, such as freeing up time during the next academic year to take a higher level course. This type of summer program is offered by several of the private military academies, which also offer experiences that are more along the lines of what is commonly called summer camp, which is often distinguished from summer school by a focus on activities such as athletics, crafts, and woodworking rather than core academics.

Oak Ridge Military Academy, a coed campus, is an example of a military prep school that offers both camps and military summer school, although both are referred to as "camps." The Leadership Adventure Camp features activities such as athletics, confidence course training, adventure training, and land navigation. Academic camps are divided into 8th grade and high school. The middle school students take math, language arts, social studies, and science, while the high school students have a choice of a variety of courses in those areas - as is appropriate to their level - plus Spanish and SAT preparation. Other courses may be offered as well.

Military Summer School Offered by the Service Academies

  • US Military Academy - an example of a military summer school is a week-long summer program called "Summer Leaders Seminar" at West Point offers students who are rising high school seniors a chance to experience the academic classes, military training, fitness training, and athletics that cadets undergo to help them consider whether they wish to pursue an appointment to a service academy.
  •  US Naval Academy - Two programs:
  1. A week-long military summer school program called "Summer Seminar" at Annapolis offers students who are rising high school seniors a chance to experience a university-level academic program overseen by Naval and Marine officers and run by midshipmen.
  2. A 6-day military summer school  program called "Summer STEM Program" (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) with time split between Annapolis and Washington, D.C. offers junior high (grade 7-9) students with a particular interest in the subject matter a chance to focus on these areas and learn more about careers in science and engineering.
  • US Air Force Academy, US Army Camp, US Navy Seabees Camp
  • A week-long military summer school program called "SAME/USAFA Engineering and Construction Camp" at Colorado Springs, Colorado; Vicksburg, Mississippi; or Port Hueneme, California (depending on the service branch) run by the service branch and the Society of American Military Engineers offers high school students who are interested in engineering, architecture, or a related field and have completed their freshman year a chance to engage in engineering activities.
  • US Air Force Academy - A 5-day military summer school program called "Summer Seminar" at Colorado Springs offers rising high school seniors a chance to experience the academic classes, training, and life of a cadet, guided by an upper-class cadet mentor to help them consider whether they wish to pursue an appointment to the US Air Force Academy.

Military Summer School for Service Academy Application

Three week-long military summer school programs called "Honor Code!" offer students in grades 8-12 a chance to gain a greater understanding of admissions procedures for the US Air Force Academy, US Military Academy, or US Naval Academy, depending on which camp they choose. Each camp is located near the appropriate academy in Colorado Springs, West Point, or Annapolis. Instruction in personal growth is part of the program.


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