Girls' Boarding Schools

Girls' boarding schools are more widely available than military schools. Parents who are interested in military schools for girls may also want to consider boarding schools. Read on for more info on gilrs' boarding schools.

There are two basic kinds of boarding schools in the US: those with a special academic focus and those with a therapeutic focus. Though both types of schools strive to provide a high quality of education for students, their different focuses make them appropriate for different types of students.

Academic Girls' Boarding Schools

These boarding schools for girls can be college prep or magnet-type schools. They may focus on helping girls get into top colleges, or on a specific area of emphasis, such as arts, music, or science. Some of the advantages offered by academic girls' boarding schools include:

  • Tutoring, which helps struggling students improve and gives more advanced students a chance to deepen their understanding by helping others
  • Peer mentoring, where older students provide guidance to younger students, which is a leadership opportunity for older students and can help younger students avoid getting lost in the shuffle
  • An academic-focused environment, with a focus on academic success, so students may feel positive peer pressure to succeed
  • Higher graduation and college rates because of their focus on academic success

Therapeutic Girls' Boarding Schools

Therapeutic boarding schools exist for a variety of special needs or problems. Usually a school will focus on just one type of student, such as those with autism or with a drug or alcohol addiction. Therapeutic girls' boarding schools usually offer:

  • Monitoring of special medical needs
  • On-site therapists ready to help students who need counseling
  • Classes specially designed to help the students at the school succeed
  • An environment that is more understanding than a traditional school might be of students’ particular needs

Girls' Boarding schools have several possible disadvantages:

  • Location or distance from home, especially when looking for schools that serve a particular interest or need
  • Cost, since most boarding schools are private, though they may offer scholarships or other financial aid
  • Perceived or real sense of detachment and homesickness in students, especially if they are far from home or their parents can’t visit

If you are considering a girls' boarding school for your daughter there are many questions to ask:

  • What do we want out of the girls' boarding school, and does this school help us with our goal?
  • Does its approach fit our own philosophies?
  • Is the location acceptable?
  • Is the price reasonable?
  • What is the structure and discipline like?
  • What is its reputation?
  • Is it accredited?
  • What is the admissions process?
  • Who will be working with my daughter, and can I meet them? Are they licensed, certified, and/or accredited? Do they undergo careful background checks?
  • Is the school girls-only or co-ed?
  • What extracurricular activities are available?
  • Can my child continue her medication while at school? Who will oversee it?
  • How does the school handle risk management and safety?
  • How often can family visit?
  • Are there any additional costs like books, uniforms, or field trips?
  • What is the room and board situation?
  • Will it tolerate our religious beliefs or practices, such as church attendance, special diets, observing important holidays, etc.?

As you and your daughter talk about these questions you should be able to decide if a girls' boarding school is the right choice and which one best fits your needs. Ask advice from professionals for help finding a good school, especially if your child has special needs. Try to visit the school with your child before admitting her.

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