Reasons to Choose Girls Schools

Reasons to choose girls schools vary depending on circumstances. The pros and cons of attending an all girls (or boys) school are often debated. Learn about the advantages girls have when choosing to attend an all girls school or military school.

There are a number of possibilities out there for education. However, many parents worry that a coed school, whether it is public school or private, may not provide the best learning environment for their girls. While there has been a lot of progress made in the last 30 years with regard to the opportunities girls have in school, some girls have a hard time reaching their full potential in coed systems. If you are interested in what a girls’ school has to offer, it might be worth it to consider the advantages.

Advantages of choosing a girls’ school

There are a number of reasons to choose girls’ schools. Most of them have to do with the challenges that girls can enjoy in a safe environment. Here are some of the reasons to choose girls’ schools:

Confidence: Some girls find the competition inherent in coed classrooms and more widespread education models distressing. Many girls’ schools encourage collaboration in the classroom, and encourage girls to speak out and engage. Additionally, without the pressures associated with coed social drama, many teens find it is easier to discover themselves and develop into the people they want to be.

Sports: Many schools do not offer a range of girls’ sports of interest. When choosing girls’ schools, though, your teen will have access to a wider range of opportunities for playing different sports.

Leadership: All of the class leaders in a girls’ school are…girls! This can provide your teenager with the opportunity of seeing inspiring leadership, and aspiring to it herself. While some of the teachers at girls’ schools are men, many of them are women. Many of these women come from a variety of backgrounds, and have had professional careers. They provide great role models.

Activities: Many girls’ schools offer a range of activities, from publication to dance to visual arts, that provide a chance for these young women to use their talents to excel at something. Challenging activities help girls develop skills and talents they can use later in life.

College and career prep: Many girls’ schools are challenging and designed specifically to prepare young women for college and, later, careers. Many of those who attend girls’ schools report that they feel better prepared for college. Additionally, there are schools that place added emphasis on math, science and technology. One of the reasons to choose girls’ schools is to give your teen a chance to get really involved in educational and professional interests that they may not have as close access to in a coed setting.

Some believe that choosing girls’ schools will make it difficult for teens to interact with boys, and stunt them socially. However, many schools actually make sure that there is interaction with members of the opposite gender. There are often dances, inter-school outings and community service projects accomplished with boys’ schools. This way, girls learn interaction, and enjoy social occasions, without the distractions of having boys - and the drama - in the learning environment.

Girls’ schools provide day student and boarding student options. If you live close to a girls’ school, you can send you teen there during the day, while she comes home at night. If your girl is amenable to the idea of boarding school, this can be an option for a school that is farther away.

Military style girls’ schools

When considering the reasons to choose girls’ schools, it can also help to add military style schools to the list. There are girls’ schools that have a military feel to them, requiring military style dress uniforms, some drilling, and military style discipline. These schools do usually provide extracurricular activities for the girls.

Military schools for girls’ provide a certain amount of structure and discipline. These schools teach young women to control themselves, behave with dignity and learn certain character traits. Many girls’ military schools emphasize duty, honor, loyalty and moral uprightness as part of their education. This can be a very helpful way to help instill good character values in your teen girls, while providing them with a challenging and rewarding education.

While there are many reasons to choose girls’ schools, it is vital that you carefully consider your decision. Take into account your daughter’s wishes and goals, and discuss it with her. If she wants the excellence of a girls’ school, there are many good options that can help her develop into a successful woman.

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