Financial Aid for Military School

Financial aid for military school is a lot easier to find than many parents might think. There are a variety of financial aid options for different types of military schools throughout the United States. Financial aid for military school is a great way to help your child get into a military program.

There are so many advantages to enrolling your child into military school, however the prospect of paying for this kind of education can seem daunting but most military school educational opportunities do not come cheap. Some schools may charge about $20,000 to $60,000 per year for such an educational venture for your child. That is when financial aid for military school comes in to play. There are a variety of financial aid choices out there. Some military schools accept financial aid, and some do not. This is why it is important to narrow down  your choices of military schools to choose an institution or program that will allow for financial aid or even one that offers its own financial aid assistance. 

Types of financial aid for military school:

There are a few different types of financial aid for military school and qualifications usually depend on the parents' income for the type of financial aid they may qualify to receive. 

  • Loans
  • Grants
  • Payment plans
  • Scholarships

With loans and payment plans, while this is still considered a type of financial aid because it allows the parents to spread out the cost of paying for military school without having to come up with the lump sum at the beginning of the semester, it is still a type of financial aid that requires the parents to foot the bill. Many military schools will set up parents with financial institutions or banks to help them get low interest loans to help pay for the cost of the tuition. Payment plans are another form of financial aid and usually don't include any sort of interest accruing throughout the semester. This is a way parents can spread out the cost of tuition and fees without having to worry about paying more in the long run. It is important to consider teen military schools that offer a program like this before making your final decision. 

Grants and scholarships are a more ideal form of financial aid for military school, but there are also a lot more requirements and qualifications by both the parent and potential student to be considered. One of these qualifications is dependent on how much money the parents make annually. The grant availability, like scholarships, are limited however, which is why it is important to apply for grants as soon as possible. In order to maintain that grant funding throughout the year, in many situations the student need to maintain a certain behavioral record, grade point average and test score performance.  Scholarships are very similar to grants and can be applied for through private scholarship programs or through the military school itself. There is typically not a parental financial requirement with these funds however. Students generally are the ones responsible for fulfilling certain requirements prior to application. Be sure to ask about the scholarship programs and the requirements for scholarships when considering each school to learn more.

Where to look for financial aid for military school:

Many military schools will offer scholarships, grants and loan or payment programs to parents of potential students. However, while some schools offer all different types of financial aid, some military schools don't offer any or very few options. This is why it is important to ask each military school you are considering for more information about the financial aid options. If one or more of the schools you are considering does not offer financial aid or has limited financial aid resources, it might be a good idea to look into financial aid resources from private scholarship and aid institutions. There are many online companies or even private companies that will offer such programs. However, it is important to look into the reputation of these companies because it may be a scam. The admission representative at the prospective military school might also have suggestions on places you can look and consider to find financial aid for military school tuition, fees as well as  room and board.


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