Leadership Training

Leadership training for girls can help them develop their leadership skills. This article has information on leadership skills taught in military schools for girls, general leadership programs, and tips on choosing the right leadership training for your teenage girl.

Many parents are understandably concerned about their girls, and how they develop as they grow. This is not surprising. Even with the amazing advances in the way society accepts women as leaders, there are still barriers to female leadership. Additionally, there are social dynamics in many schools that stymie girls’ development as leaders. Leadership training can help girls recognize true friends, find confidence, and prepare to be leaders -  whether they choose to lead in their families, professions, communities, countries or even the world.

Military school for girls

One of the institutions that provide leadership training is military school for girls. Military academies have the tradition of turning out confident young professionals that know how to lead. Military school for girls can teach leadership skills, as well as assertiveness. Many military style schools focus on a challenging curriculum that focuses on academic excellence. There are also usually extracurricular activities that allow girls to explore their interests and learn more about a variety of fields and professions. This extra attention can prepare them to be leaders later on.

Other boarding schools and day girls’ schools may also be beneficial to young women. Depending on the programs offered, it is possible that your teen girl can find interesting opportunities to grow and lead in a school setting, learning skills that can translate into the wider world.

Leadership training programs

In addition to schools that place a focus on excellence, accomplishment and leadership, there are also training programs. Leadership training programs and retreats can help teach girls techniques for building confidence in their interactions with others. Many of these training programs also teach young girls to value themselves and look for friends who truly value them as well. These programs including weekend retreats, camps lasting one or two weeks, or workshops that can be attended once or twice a week for a month or two. There are also parent daughter weekends and workshops that can help parents learn how to nurture leadership skills in their teen girls.

Girls don’t have to learn leadership from these formal training programs, however. There are a number of organizations that can help teens learn leadership skills. Programs such as Girl Scouts, 4-H, youth ministry, school clubs and community youth councils can all provide teenagers with ways to exercise leadership skills and apply them in real world situations. These programs can help girls gain confidence, meet other assertive and confident girls, and learn to interact effectively with a wide range of people. These types of programs are also generally less expensive than girls’ schools and formal leadership training programs.

Choosing the right leadership training for your teen girl

Deciding what leadership training regimen is appropriate for your teen girl is vital. However, this is not a decision you need to make alone. Your daughter can help you decide. Find out what she wants to do, and what she is comfortable with. Determine her goals, and find out what she hopes to accomplish. Then, you can read about different programs together. In many cases, it is also possible to visit girls’ schools or observe a leadership training session. This way, you can get a general idea of how things work, and how effective you think the leadership training is for your girl.

In the end, it is a decision that your girl has to be involved with. Part of leadership training is learning to make decisions, and if your teenager wants to be an assertive, confident and strong leader, she needs to be involved in deciding how she will become so.

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