Benefits of Single Sex Education

There are many benefits of single sex education for all-age students. Single-sex education can include teaching students according to gender in the same school, but divided classrooms. Some schools are single sex altogether. The benefits of single sex education include providing better one-on-one attention to the students.

Because boys and girls are known to have different learning styles, there is quite a bit of positive research out there that supports the benefits of single-sex education. There are many contributing factors that make up the benefits of single sex education including the fact that students often learn in different ways based on their gender. For example, most of the research on single sex education shows that girls are more likely to benefit from this educational divide than compared to their male counterparts. However, even just this amount of success is enough to persuade some parents that single sex education is the best option for their child. 

Benefits of Single Sex Education:

The advocates supporting single sex education use research to support the opinion that the benefits of single sex education outweigh the cons. Some parents will opt for single sex education because they do not want their children mixed with the other gender at crucial points in their pubescent development to avoid distractions being had at school among the opposite sex.  Some research also shows that teachers are more effective in what they do and what they can accomplish through teaching when they are able to change their curriculum to fit the needs of a particular gender. It is also proven that female students are more likely to benefit from having single sex education, as mentioned above. Other research shows the girls do better academically when the classroom is warm, versus boys who do better when the classroom is cold. To appeal to both of these desires, single sex education is obviously beneficial when the classrooms are split according to gender to change the temperature according to sex. 

Other advocates of single sex education have research to support that many schools will focus too much on identifying the proper gender roles especially when it comes to certain academic subjects. For example, boy students are encouraged to excel in areas like math and science, whereas female students are more encouraged to succeed in subjects like English and the arts. Unfortunately this way of approaching education can make it so students don't excel in all areas of academia, unlike the approach that is taken in single sex educational facilities. Many parents believe that having all subjects open and encouraged for all students is a good way to build that students confidence in their ability to perform well in many different academic areas. Some parents believe their students will build a strong self of accomplishment, thus enhancing their self-confidence, which so many young children and teens struggle to develop in this current day and age. Having low self-esteem is related to higher instances of teen underage drinking, teen pregnancy and drug use. Preparing children in all areas of academics is also a good way to ensure they succeed in institutions of higher learning and training like at a college or university. 

The biggest problem with single sex education is that many public schools do not take this approach to education because there is not enough funding to duplicate teachers for both male and female students. Parents must come up with the money to send their children to private military schools or charter schools that offer single sex educational opportunities. Some parents also do not believe that the benefits of single sex education outweigh the cons. Those that disagree with this method of learning believe that their children will suffer because of the lack of teachers that are actually trained and capable of providing the benefits of single sex education. They also believe that gender differences in learning are not different enough to actually make much of a difference. Other parents against single sex education show that the combination of male and female students in the same room can actually provide for better academic performance. 

Ultimately these kinds of single sex educational opportunities depend on the preference and learning capacities of the children as well as what works best for the parents.


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