Short-Term Programs

The phrase “short-term programs” does not have a specific meaning in the area of schooling. It can refer to summer programs or to therapeutic programs with a defined, short duration. This article explores some of the offerings for short-term programs.

Where Short-Term Programs Are Offered

Short-term programs is such a broad, undefined term, that the answers to where you can find them are extensive. Therapeutic schools are one of the settings in which “short-term program” is the most useful designator, so they are given special attention. Here are some possibilities:

  • Public Summer School Programs - A number of public schools offer summer offerings for their own students and sometimes for others. Programs often are remedial or allow students to take a class, such as driver’s education, that they are having trouble fitting into their school year schedule.

  • Park and Recreation Departments - Short programs are offered by many park and recreation departments in the areas of athletics, crafts, and a wide range of other areas, both during the school year and during the summer.

  • Museums and Theaters - Institutions tied to the arts may offer afterschool, weekend, and summer programs that meet over the course of a one-day or a month or two and work with students on dance, acting, acrobatics, drawing, painting, sculpture, origami, or any number of other topics.

  • Private Schools - All kinds of private schools - college preparatory schools, military academies, art- or sport-focused schools, science and math schools, and junior boarding schools may all offer summer programs.

The short-term programs of private schools can have a number of purposes. Typical goals are to introduce new students and potential students to the boarding school environment, to allow students to retake courses that they were unable to pass the first time,  and allow exceptional students to take extra courses. Summer programs may also focus on athletics, science/math/engineering projects, summer-camp style activities, or a combination.

  • Therapeutic Schools and Programs - Because these schools do not necessarily run on a school year, and because stays can be measured in days, weeks, months, or years, they ones mentioned in days or weeks are may quite sensibly referred to as short-term programs.

Some therapeutic schools and programs have a set approach that takes a certain length of time no matter what. Others have a more flexible program and may provide a range of time during which it will be accomplished.

Short-term therapeutic programs treat a wide variety of issues. Some of those that are addressed by various organizations are mood disorders, such as depression and bipolar disorder; learning disabilities, such as ADD/ADHD; dependency and addiction to drugs, alcohol, technology, etc.; issues growing out of adoption or sexual abuse; attitudinal problems, including defying authority; social issues, like making friends; image problems, like low-self esteem; and poor school performance, among others.

While all other programs are coeducational, short-term programs at private schools and therapeutic schools and programs may be all girls, all boys, or coed.

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