Girls Military School Cost

Girls military school cost varies depending on the terms. This article offers girls military school cost approximations based on different situations. It also discusses the variation in military school cost and categorizes the costs you may expect from girls schools.

The cost for a girl to attend a military school depends on a number of factors. First, a summer program will, obviously, be less expensive than a full year program. In addition, since there are relatively few options for girls military schools, it is likely that there will be travel expenses. In addition, girls at a military school will need money for personal expenses and will have to pay for uniforms, books, medical appointments, insurance, haircuts, etc. There may also be additional lab fees for special classes and field trips. This article reviews the costs that include tuition and fees only, not transportation or money spent by students by choice.

Variations in Cost

There are several choices that families can make that will affect the cost of girls military school education. One is that a day program, if available, will be less expensive than a boarding option. Some schools offer a five-day boarding program rather than a seven-day boarding program, but this will depend on how close the school is to your home. A third factor is that there may be a sibling discount. Fourth, schools may offer a reduced fee if the entire tuition is paid early. Fifth, some schools may offer reduced tuition for state residents. A final factor that will affect cost is financial aid. Most girls military schools offer some kind of financial aid, which may offset the costs, if your child is eligible.

Categories of Expenses

Girls military school costs usually fall into a standard set of categories:

  • Tuition
  • Student fees
  • Board
  • Enrollment fee for new students

The chart shows the amounts and/or ranges for day students, and 5 and 7 day boarding, depending on which of these choices are available. In some cases, tuition and board are given separately, and in some cases they are not.

School Name

Tuition & Board

Student Fees

Enroll Fee

App. Fee

Admiral Farragut Academy

$14,980 Day
$26.420 5-day boarding
$31,570 - $32,150 7-day



Florida Air Academy

$10,000 Day
$30,000 7-day boarding




Howe Military School


$100 tech fee



Massanutten Military Academy

$24,950 new student
$24,500 returning student
Board not listed

$300; more for ESL and Int'l students



New Mexico Military Institute

$1370 Resident tuition
$4920 Non-Resident tuition
$3830 Board for all




New York Military Academy

$14,200 Day
$33,425 Domestic Boarding
$36,875 Int'l Boarding

Figures at left include some fees



Oak Ridge Military Academy

$9,690 Day
$18,590 5-day boarding
$21,490 7-day boarding

~$3000 in fees, +

$2000 for Int'l students


Randolph-Macon Academy

$13,189 lower school day*
$28,333 lower school board
$14,973 upper school day
$30,115 upper school board

Figures at left include some fees.


$75 US

$200 Int'l

TMI -The Episcopal School of Texas

$18,590 new day 6-8
$17,590 old day 6-8
$19,625 new day 9-12
$18,625 old day 9-12
$33,495 new 5 board 9-12
$32,495 old 5 board 9-12
$37,740 new 7 board 9-12
$36,740 old 7 board 9-12
$39,900 new Int'l
$38,900 old Int'l

$300 for Medical Deposit.

Figures at left for Intl students include some fees.



Wentworth Military Academy & College

$29,705 new
$31,850 new Int'l
$27,055 old
$29,130 old Int'l

$2150 for Intl students



*Extrapolated from 2nd quarter entry figures: full year figures are not available on the website.

As you look over these schools, you should be aware of several things:

  • Most websites are not forthcoming about all charges: on some, you can only discover the application fee by downloading an application.
  • Different schools handle charges differently. At one girls military school, textbooks are rented. At others, they are considered part of student expenses over and above tuition and board. Fees may or may not include haircuts, uniform dry-cleaning, insurance, etc.
  • Check for rules on when deposits must be paid and how much is due: the deposit is often due a number of months before the school year begins.

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