Girls' Military School Curriculum

Girls' military school curriculum can be more challenging than traditional public schools. Girls' military schools are not for troubled teens, but for students concentrating on education. Keep reading for information on girls' military school curriculum.

Many girls find that the pressures of more traditional public schooling and the distractions available in such settings can be detrimental to their education. Additionally, many find that they are not able to get the desired level of academic attention in a traditional public school setting. For girls who are looking for a more challenging curriculum, in an environment with fewer distractions, girls' military school can be a good solution.

Girls' Military schools are not for troubled teens

It is important to recognize that most military schools are not designed for troubled teen girls. There are military style troubled teen boarding schools, boot camps and wilderness programs designed to help with behavior modification, but these are not military schools. Military schools are generally reserved for those who are interested in a challenging academic curriculum, and for those who are interested in pursuing a higher education at a top school, or for those who are interested in entering the military - usually via one of the military academies associated with higher learning.

Girls' military schools can be boarding schools or schools where students just come for the day. Many military schools for girls have a mix of boarding students and day students. Some military schools will accept teen girls with a history of mild problems, but most will not accept girls that have severe behavioral problems or substance abuse problems. For the most part, the majority of military schools for girls are places for those who already have a degree of self discipline, are looking to excel, and have a desire to challenge themselves.

Girls’ military school curriculum and environment

Girls can pursue a range of studies when they attend military schools. There are a number of challenging course ranging from Math and Science to English and Art. Many girls find that they can choose courses that are likely to help them advance in their desired field of study, providing them with a solid foundation for a higher education at one of the top schools in the country. Girls' military school curriculum also includes military style exercise, such as drills and physical conditioning. Many schools also teach Military History and can help girls prepare for specific duties within the military, from medic to mechanic to communications specialist.

The environment in a girls’ military school is one that encourages learning and disciplined success. The girls' military school curriculum is challenging, the environment is one that helps girls focus on excelling in this academic setting. School uniforms keep girls from being distracted by fashion and socio-economic standing. Additionally, the all-girls student body helps reduce distractions associated with being educated alongside boys. Many military schools for girls also include successful female teachers that can act as positive role models for girls.

A girls' military school curriculum also includes opportunities to do activities outside the school. In addition to extracurricular club activities, leadership training and sports, many military schools have service programs. Girls are encouraged to participate in community service activities. Additionally, there are usually social programs and event arranged, usually in tandem with nearby boys’ military or private schools. This allows for social interaction, without causing a great deal of intrusion in the academic setting.

In the end, a girls' military school curriculum can be useful for girls who are interested in preparing for success later on through challenges. While military school isn’t for everyone, some girls find that they can benefit from a program that focuses on academics and challenges, and can help them learn and grow.

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